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Canti popolari nel Ticino


Having grown up around folk music, Roberto Maggini and Clown Dimitri have been active over the years in helping to preserve the joy and delight in musical traditions. Without casting themselves as professional singers or even virtuosos, they share the treasure of Ticino’s folk music with their audience with full heart and soul.

Ticino folk songs: 90 minutes, including a break

Roberto Maggini was born in Intragna, Ticino. After completing school, he learns the trade of electrician. While practicing this profession, he accompanies Dimitri on his solo tours as a technician and assistant and begins singing traditional folk songs with him. They take this programme of songs on the road with tours throughout Switzerland. Together they record a number of LPs. Starting in 1975, he studies at Scuola Teatro Dimitri and subsequently becomes a member of various theatre groups. In 1982, he founds the Compagnia Teatro Paravento. With Pietro Bianchi of Radio Svizzera Italiana, he conducts research on the songs of Ticino. In 1982, the “Film 80” competition; prize with the screenplay “L’oro nel camino”, directed by Nelo Risi. In 1984, he receives the Ascona Cultural Prize. In 1985, LP with Pietro Bianchi and tours. Since 1990, Member of the Board of Directors of the K.T.V. - A.T.P. and Assistant to the Artistic Director of the Teatro di Locarno. In 1992, he receives the Vincenzo Falchetto Cultural Prize. Since 2002, Director of Teatro Dimitri. Resumption of the “Canti nel Ticino” programme of songs with Dimitri.

Roberto e Dimitri

Photographs: Oliver Stegmann, Winkel bei Bülach
Roberto e Dimitri

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