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The most recent of Dimitri’s pieces, Ritratto is about theatre and the effect it can have on people. Dimitri’s grandmother - who is actually none other than "the mother of all peformers" - tells about her favourite children; about her firstborn; about that ancient actor of tragedy, Thespis; about the characters of the Roman comedy and the characters of the Commedia dell’Arte – above all Arlecchino – and also, obviously, about Dimitri.
Dimitri in the role of a travelling storyteller recounts the story of a king and queen whose daughter has lost her smile. In order to make her smile, they summon a group of clowns to the court…
This multicoloured and fantastic picture of the history of theatre in which Dimitri draws on his great and varied talent as clown, poet and mime is the fruit of a collaboration with Alessandro Marchetti, director and expert in the Commedia dell’Arte.

Clownesque theatre, with a few words.

Duration: 110 minutes, 20 minutes' break incl.



Photos: Christian Altorfer, Zürich

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