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The clown is an honest figure of pure sentiments who intentionally returns to his childhood and makes use of the inborn talent that is present in every clown. Fundamentally, a clown can permit himself to do anything, as long as his actions are clownesque.

There are many of us who have tried painting. I was naturally influenced by my father who was a painter and sculptor. I also completed an apprenticeship as a potter and took drawing courses. Today, I find it easier to put an idea down on paper because I’m not at all worried about what style it is in or what technique I use. I’m not interested in whether the result is pleasing or beautiful.

For me, drawing is an end unto itself which permits me to make concrete ideas I could never realize on stage. It opens the door of my imagination to innumerable possibilities – clowns who can fly appear as if by magic on the paper, and I can take refuge in a fantasy world without stages or circus rings. This gives me a feeling of wellbeing which allows me to relax. It’s true that I am very egocentric and that I unfailingly return to depicting images from the clowns’ world in my works.

The clown is an eternal searcher continually in pursuit of happiness, joy and innocence, a figure who, if the truth were a flower, would strongly resemble a collector of herbs. A clown is an eternal buffoon who, in his way, wishes to entertain people, make them laugh and give them a part of himself.

(from an interview)

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