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La Famiglia Dimitri: 5 SOLOISTS - 1 TEAM

David Dimitri
Masha Dimitri
Nina Dimitri
Kai Leclerc

Composition: Oliviero Giovannoni, Julio Lavayén
Arrangements: Martin Schaefer

Masha Dimitri

A long cherished dream becomes reality: Clown Dimitri performs together with his two daughters Masha and Nina, with his son David and his son-in-law Kai Leclerc in a show created especially for the family.

The five soloists enjoy being, for once, in good company on stage and weaving their manifold talents to new routines. Unedited, unique combinations of the single specialities of the five artists remain beside the solo acts of the young people (David - tight rope/high wire, Masha - slack wire, Kai - ceiling walker).

Father Dimitri acts as a property man and leads throughout the programme with his clownesque intermezzos. The whole performance is accompanied with live music from the family, and, above all, from Nina with her beautiful and deeply moving voice and various instruments.

A very special event, unique in its kind

Première: Theater Winterthur, 30 September 2006
Duration: 130 minutes, incl. a 20 minutes break

La Famiglia Dimitri

Artists – Biographies

David Dimitri is today considered one of the most outstanding wire artists, who shows his talent as well in Variety-Acts in Las Vegas as in poetic, spectacular highwire performances at the Beyeler Museum in Basle. During his first engagement as a tightrope performer, 1981 in New York, he attended an intensive dance training at Juilliard School. Since that time he has had numerous international engagements, i.e. at Cirque de Soleil, Metropolitan Opera New York, Swiss National Circus Knie, as well as appearances in films and theatre.
2001 he created, with the help of his father, Clown Dimitri, a One-Man Show which he currently performs in his own Circus tent throughout the world.

Born in 1964. She began her professional artistic training at the age of fifteen at the National Circus School in Budapest, specializing in slack wire. After two years she switched to the Scuola Teatro Dimitri while continuing her slackwire training. Different engagements bring her all over the world: Cirque du Soleil, Big Apple Circus New York, Swiss National Circus Knie, etc. Between 1988 and 1990 she was a member of the Compagnia Teatro Dimitri. From 1993 on she worked as an assistant director and choreographer in circus and theatre. In 1994 she and Kai Leclerc had a baby daughter named Kira. Masha's first solo theatre piece, Sala di prova in 1997, the following duo production with Kai Leclerc, Upside Down, and another solo, Fil Rouge, were all directed by Dimitri. In 2003 she toured with Circus Knie together with Kai Leclerc. She co-directed with Dimitri the 2004 Circus Monti show. 2004/05/06 direction of the Variety of the Scuola Teatro Dimitri, 2006, direction of the piece Tacomitac for the Compagnia Teatro Dimitri and 2007 again direction for Circus Monti.

Born in 1966. At the age of 19 her enthusiasm for South American music led her tol eave Switzerland for Bolivia, where she devoted herself to Latin American folk music, perfecting her guitar playing and studying the charango. In 1986 she gave birth to her son Samuel. Back in Europe Nina found herself an enthusiastic audience on the street and in theatres, and has been performing her solo recitals regularly in Switzerland and abroad ever since. She won first prize at the 1992 Street Music Festival in Lucerne. From 1991 to 1994 and again in 2001 she played with the Compagnia Teatro Dimitri in La regina dei magnani and Pamfalon (direction Dimitri) and La Burla (direction Alessandro Marchetti). In 1995 and 1998 she went on tour with Circus Monti as a cantastorie. In 2003 she performed her solo piece La cantante delle piazze, which was directed by Dimitri, with music and texts by Oliviero Giovannoni. In 2004-2005 she was a member of the Ensemble Schaffhauser Vorstadt-Varieté.

Kai Leclerc, Canadian, was born and raised in Milan, Italy. He studied literature and history of art at Montreal University. As an autodidactic actor and artist he created his illusionistic and artistic show Ceiling Walker with which he tours around the world. He has performed in many famous theatres, TV-variety- and circus shows, such as Latenight Show David Letterman (USA), Ceasars Palace Las Vegas (USA), Circus Roncalli (D), Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus (USA). 2001 he played in Upside Down with Masha Dimitri, under the direction of Dimitri. In 2003 he was on tour with Circus Knie, performing his solo act and intermezzos in a clownesque duo with Masha Dimitri. 2006 he took the comic part of the solo-tenor, with Nathalie Choquette, at the Summer-Festival in Québec. In the same year he founded with two partners the clownesque trio Due+Uno. He is an inventor, director and producer of various unusual artistic arial acts, as well as of spectacular magic tricks for theatre productions. His work has been awarded at the international festivals of Monte Carlo and Moscow.

La Famiglia Dimitri

Photos: Oliver Stegmann, Winkel bei Bülach
La Famiglia Dimitri

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